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    Client Overview

    Sonda, a publicly traded company in Chile, acquired CTIS, a Brazilian BPO company. Sonda is one of the largest IT suppliers in Latin America.

    CTIS Tecnologia is an IT company founded 30 years ago, with activities in the technical support for infrastructure, contact center, printing outsourcing, equipment outsourcing, software resale and software development segments.

    CTIS focuses on government clients and state-owned companies. It earned 256 million euros in 2013, employing 11,000 employees.

    Transaction Overview

    Clairfield Internacional Brazil, together with a Brazilian bank, advised CTIS on the transaction. Clairfield has also been advising CTIS on business planning, corporate governance, valuation, private equity trading and IPO preparation since 2005.

    Clairfield Brazil coordinated the initial process and identified the buyer who completed the largest IT deal in 2014 in Brazil. The transaction value is estimated at 141 million Euros, including an earnout of 26 million Euros based on the CTIS performance to be shared between the founder and its main directors.

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