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    Customer Overview

    Granjeiro Alimentos was founded in Rolândia in 1988 and during the years of activity it solidified and became a reference in the creation, slaughter and commercialization of broilers, offering quality products both for the national market and abroad.

    Transaction Overview

    Initially under the lease modality, but with a contractual clause that provides for the acquisition within one year, the merger places under Lar's management a complex formed by a plant with the capacity to slaughter 175 thousand chickens / day, a feed factory and a grain receiving unit.

    With the incorporation of Frango Granjeiro, Lar should reach the mark of 700 thousand birds slaughtered per day, with the expectation of reaching 900 thousand birds by 2023.

    Lar is one of the largest cooperatives in Latin America, in 2019, the company had revenues of R $ 6.95 billion, growth of 6.84% over the previous year, and the expectation is to end 2020 with R $ 10 billion in revenues. The Lar brand is present in approximately 300 products (canned, frozen, chicken cuts, in addition to grains, mainly corn and soybeans) and exports reach North America, Europe, Asia and the Arab countries.

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