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    Semília Genética e Melhoramento


    Client Overview

    Semília Genética e Melhoramento Ltda. is a leading research company involved in the investigation of maize seeds produced in Brazil, with a focus on hybrid seeds. The company was founded in 2001.

    The company is one of the few independent companies in this sector, has farms and facilities in Paraná and Bahia and its germplasm is adapted to the tropical and sub-tropical climate.

    Transaction Overview

    KWS SAAT AG - through its subsidiary KWS Brasil Participações LTDA. - Signed a contract to acquire Semília.

    KWS SAAT AG, Einbeck / Germany, is one of the world's four leading plant breeding companies. Founded in 1856, KWS has created crops for temperate climates for over 150 years. Today KWS has 3,800 employees (1,500 of them in Germany) and is present in more than 70 countries.

    In 2010/11 KWS Group and its more than 60 subsidiaries and associated companies generated net sales of 855 million euros. The acquisition of Semilia is a further milestone to enhance its footprint in the Brazilian seed research and production market.

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